Welcome to SÜDblick Touristik


1. Acceptance of the terms

By drawing on our services and with the signing of the booking you confirm that you have read carefully through the terms and conditions described below (including data protection), that you have understood them and that you agree to them. We reserve the right to update these general standard terms and conditions without previous announcement.


2. Scope / description of the services

SÜDblick Touristik functions only as agent between traveller and host by passing on bookings to the host and by providing for their confirmation. Information, which is used for the selection of the host, is made available by the host. Carrying out our services we proceed very carefully and conscientiously; nevertheless we aren’t liable, if some details, which are conveyed by the host, are incorrect or incomplete. Moreover SÜDblick Touristik isn’t liable for possible changes on the part of the host regarding offer and prices.


3. Traveller's data

In order to draw on our services you agree to give us your data in the given form and to guarantee their completeness (data protection). If a traveller gives data, which are incorrect or untrue, SÜDblick Touristik reserves the right to refuse him the use of the services in future.


4. Data protection 

Personal data of our clients are treated as confidential and not passed on to thirds. Exceptions may be legal processes or if the passing on is essential for our services. Further information: our regulations for data protection.


5. Transport, accommodation contract and payment

We choose transport, accommodation and catering by request of the tour operator or the traveller. The accommodation contract comes into force as soon as the receipt for payment arrives (possibly till a determinate date). From this point in time we confirm the booking. Then, all laws and duties exclusively concern the traveller and the host or the tour operator. The prices are communicated by the host, so they can also differ from the price list. If a hotel or guesthouse isn’t available in spite of a confirmed booking, SÜDblick Touristik provides for the accommodation in an equal one. 


6. Credit cards

Hosts and thirds, which are involved in your holiday, may require your credit card data in order to guarantee your booking. If necessary, we pass on and check them. If agreed, please note that there can be made a pre-authorization or a debiting of your credit card – in certain conditions even without a possible refund.

If your credit card falls victim to fraud or misuse, mostly the bank or the credit institution take the risk and cover all costs of the fraud/misuse, occasionally with a deductible of up to 50€. If it is proved that the fraud/misuse resulted from our services, the deductible of up to 50€ will be reimbursed.


7. Changes, reversals and non-appearance

If not agreed in another way, changes can be sent to SÜDblick Touristik up to 20 days before the commencement of the journey. They have to be communicated in writing and the traveller has to ensure that it really arrives.

Non-appearance and reversals: If a traveller doesn’t begin his holiday or if he cancels it without verifiable reason, SÜDblick Touristik reserves the right to use the paid fee to compensate the host and to demand payment of an administrative charge. This goes also for verifiable reasons, if a traveller isn’t insured for example by a travel insurance. We always recommend taking out travel insurance.


The reversal fees are determined as follows (independently from the board type and if there weren’t reached other agreements):


20 days before the journey  

0 %

10 days before the journey  

50 %

7 days before the journey  

70 %

5 days before the journey 

100 %


8. Correspondence

With the handing over of your data you accept that we may send you questionnaires or further information, for example in order to analyze the quality of our services, to get suggestions for improvement or to present new offers.


9. Exclusion of liability

According to this general standard terms and conditions and in the context of the public acts we are only liable for direct damages, which are caused because we haven’t fulfilled our duties in regard to our services – up to 80% of the paid booking amount. We aren’t liable for damages caused through no fault of our own.


10. Other & legal basis

In the context of legal regulations the general standard terms and conditions are bound to Italian right and they have to be interpreted according to this right. If single parts of this contract are void or incomplete, the contracting parties commit themselves to replace the missing or void regulations with valid ones, which correspond to the other content of the contract and which are the closest equivalent to the missing or void clause. However, all other points remain unaffected. If parts of this contract don’t correspond to the legal regulations, only these parts are abrogated and the current legal regulations are applied. The court responsible for all litigations is the Italian legal venue in Bruneck (Italy). 

Translations in other languages of the general standard terms and conditions serve as information. In case of doubt the German version is valid in the context of the legal regulations.


11. Contact

The services are performed by SÜDblick Touristik of B&W Management GmbH with headquarters in 39031 Bruneck (Italy), Rienzfeldstraße 30, telephone +39 0474 010 191. Legal representative is Mr Johann Wolfsgruber. B&W Management is registered in the chamber of commerce Bozen with the number 01617610215. The VAT number is 01617610215. A person affected or an assigned person can insist on the representational rights on request by registered post or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Valid from 1st August 2012.